CHEM2STAB is a unique common research laboratory (LabCom) in the world by teaming up chemists and biochemists from Avignon University (UMR 5247 - Equipe Chimie Bioorganique et Systèmes Amphiphiles - CBSA) and from the start-up CALIXAR located in France (Lyon).

The main goal of CHEM2STAB is to develop new molecules able to extract, to stabilize and/or to promote crystallization of therapeutic targets or antigens (membrane proteins) without denaturing them. The research in the field of reagents for proteomic studies more precisely for the validation of pharmaceutical targets, is recent with major social and economic stakes in the field of human and animal health. 

Actually, socio-economic studies (2011, Mark E Bunnage Nature Chemical Biology 7 « Getting pharmaceutical R&D back on target ») have highlighted the lack of innovation in the worldwide pharmaceutical industry and beyond the need to strengthen the research in the field of target/antigen validation in particular by using soft chemistry processes avoiding the foiling of the targets/antigens. Evidently, that greatly impacts the quality and performance of drugs and vaccines developed from this targets/ antigens.




CHEM2STAB is structured through 5 activities areas: 

- A first area concerns the research and the development of new detergents (in particular amphiphilic) able to extract i.e. solubilize all types of membrane proteins coming from different biological sources (cells bacteria, virus...). 


- A second area develops the research in the field of surfactants for the stabilization of proteins (especially membrane proteins) before and after purification steps. 


- A third area allows the discovery of new additives for protein crystallization. Thanks to additives, CALIXAR could help industries in finding out the 3D structure of pharmaceutical targets and then to design new drugs based on this structure. 


- The fourth area is dedicated to the biochemical validation of compounds developed through the areas 1 up to 3. 


- The last area deals with the use and commercialization of compounds. CALIXAR will use directly the validated compounds on its industrial projects carried out with pharmaceutical or other biotech companies or with other life science academic groups or internally.




Avignon university

301 rue Baruch de Spinoza 

84000 Avignon

Calixar company


69008 LYON




10/13/2017: Organization of a round-table during the 5th Mediterranean

Young Researchers Days in Montpellier (France)

Dr. Gregory DURAND (Cofounder) animated this round table about the creation and operating of the labcom CHEMSTAB and emphasizing the importance of the collaboration between academics and private companies.

11/12/2018: Open positions in Avignon

CHEM2STAB is looking for:

  • a project leader in organic synthesis (Job notice [pdf])
  • an intern in chemistry for the synthesis of amphiphilic molecules (Job notice [pdf])

November 5-8 2017: CHEM2STAB to present at the International congress of French group of membrane studies in Roscoff (France)

Christophe Bonnet (PhD student) held a poster about the synthesis and studies of hybrid double-chain detergents for the solubilisation and stabilization of membrane proteins. This work has been performed in collaboration with Dr. Sandro KELLER from the University of Kaiserslautern (GERMANY).

06/27/2017 : CHEM2STAB to present at the “Nanoparticle Technologies for Membrane Protein Research Meeting” in Leeds (UK)

Dr. Gregory DURAND (Cofounder) will describe the synthesis of a new series of surfactants resulting from the partnership with CALIXAR as well as the results of physical-chemical (colloidal properties) and biochemical evaluations (solubilization and stabilization) of various highly-druggable membrane protein targets belonging to different families and produced in different expression systems. This work has been performed in collaboration with Dr. Sandro KELLER from the University of Kaiserslautern (GERMANY).

05/15/2017 : CHEM2STAB to present at the 2nd Symposium of Fluorine Chemistry

Dr. Gregory DURAND (Cofounder) described the synthesis of new fluorine molecules as well as encouraging results obtained in physico-chemical (colloidal properties) and biochemical (solubilization and stabilization of membrane protein targets) trials. This work has been performed in collaboration with Dr. Sandro KELLER from the University of Kaiserslautern (GERMANY).

05/15/2017 : CHEM2STAB to present at the GDR 3696 "Membrane Proteins: Focus on Molecular and Cellular Aspects" in the Island of Porquerolles

Dr. Françoise BONNETE (Senior Research Investigator) showcased new series of surfactants synthesized in the framework of our LabCom C2B for their use in membrane protein stabilization and crystallization, i.e. two diglucoside families, bearing either a hydrocarbonated chain or a fluorinated chain. Work highlights major results obtain in the biochemistry of membrane proteins (solubilization, behavior in solution, thermostability) using physico-chemical approaches based on these new compound families (tensiometry, ITC, SAXS and DLS).




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